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Crazy dream...

I had the weirdest dream last night!

I dreamt that I was having a baby shower, and there were a bunch of people there. One lady had stuffed her bag full of the food scraps + our cutlery + got all mad at me when I wanted to take the bag into the kitchen and wash the cutlery... I later realised that she was wanting to steal our cutlery (god knows what she wanted to do with the food scraps lol!)

Anyways everyone ended up getting pissed at me because I was being incredibly moody + they all stormed out... I ran to the door and screamed at them "AND MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU TOO!!!"


Then my dog, Hillie (who died 4 years or so ago...) went chasing one of the meanies down the street trying to bite them!

I love pregnant dreams! Theyre so vivid and NUTTY!

I'll have to try and remember to write about more of them...

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