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So we had our ultrasound done like, 2 weeks ago now - Im so incredibly slack!! Ive been meaning to write about it the whole time since but ahhhh time flies ;)

I made a post on a message board about it so im pretty much just gonna copy + paste that here now...

This US was a lot longer than the last one we had at 12 weeks... (I was 19w 3d on Friday when I had the scan done...) and wow it was just so amazing to see how much our little Thumper had grown! (Thumper being my latest nickie for "it" cause calling it "it" is just wrong hehe) I also took my Mum along with us to see the scan, as its really nice having her involved in the whole process + she just loved being there... I think she was just in complete awe the entire time - But I guess so was Rob + I!!!

Thumper was being a tad uncooperative towards the scanner + kept rolling over + hiding all the parts the scanner-lady was wanting to look at - It was quite funny to watch, and just great to see it being so active this time round... It took her forever to get us a good pic of his/her profile, as every time she tried, he/she would cross its arms across its face, as if it were hiding! lol it was hilarious! Eventually he/she gave us a good peek at its sweet little face, at one stage staring directly at us for a few seconds or more...

Also when she was trying to count its toes, Thumper had his/her feet crossed, with one laying over the other - really kicking back in there + relaxing by the looks! hehe!!! She said we have a very stubborn baby - but a lovely little baby ;)

Hmmm what else... heartrate was 152bpm, Thumper now measures 21cms from head to toe annnnnd thats about all!!

Had my doctors appointment last week... Apparantly Ive gained 4 kilos in the last month - which is just HUGE! Its double the normal amount to gain in a month when preggers so eeeek! I take some comfort in the fact though that I hadnt gained anything before this - so being nearly 5 months pregnant + only gained 4 kilos aint so bad... A friend at work is only 14 weeks preggers + has already gained 3 kilos... Everyone is different I guess - Im sure in the end it all pretty much evens out :)

The report from our ultraound gave us a new due date - the 30th March. I got all excited thinking that we were gonna get to meet our little bubs a week earlier than thought - but the doctor spoiled my fun + said they go by the first date... which was April 5th.
I guess we just have a nice big healthy little babe in there!!! All measurements are slightly bigger than average at this point.... The womb/fundal length measurement is 26cms - and apparantly that measurement is supposed to be somewhat the same as your weeks... and I was only 21 at that time so hmmm Biiiig Baby or further along than thought?

We will find out soon i guess!!!!

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