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Sunday 20th Feb

So last Sunday I had my baby shower. After almost half the people I had invited had pulled out of coming - many stressful days worrying about whether or not I should go ahead and have the party - would people have fun etc etc *insert more of essie's paranoid thoughts* - the day had arrived.

AND Im happy to say that all my usual pre-party worries were all unnecessary :) It turned out to be a really enjoyable day - the perfect sized party, many laughs were had + yummy goodies eaten :) It was just unfortunate that we picked the wrong weekend to have it - as a few people were off to see the Tom Jones/John Farnham concert (ha!), and others just had prior arrangements for this particular day...


My sister Melissa hosted the party at her house + had arranged a few games to be played - as is the tradition of silly showers!
The first game that we played was "Guess The Girth"
Everyone was given a roll of string and had to measure out what they believed would be my girth... SUCH a flattering game!

This is a hilarious pic of Karen (robs sis) measuring out how wide she thought my belly would be with the string... thats my nephew Bradley supervising :) I think she got a little overexcited with her measuring - hmph! Im not THAT big... am i??!

getting measured up... HA! Im NOT that big Karen! She was off by MILES!

getting measured up again, this time by Robs other sister Sarah... by the looks of it, my mum sitting there in the corner doesnt think her measurement is right either... hehe NOPE! Another one who thought I was bigger than what i was...

getting measured by Manda now... and I thought she knew me well! I guess not my waist size anyways!

getting measured by Carol... beginning to get a little miffed that everyone seems to think Im the size of a house or two! Carol had enough string there for TWO of me!

My mumsie was the winner of that game... I guess the saying is true - mum knows best! Her length of string was the closest to my big bulging belly size... :)

You might have noticed in some of the pics that we are wearing pegs on our shirts? That was part of another game. When everyone arrived we were all given a peg each. Throughout the length of the day, we were not allowed to say the word "BABY" - if we heard someone say that word, we could steal their peg - and the person at the end of the day with the most pegs was the winner. You can imagine how hard it was not to say the word "BABY" at a baby shower! I got all excited at one point when I caught someone out saying the word - jumped outta my chair screaming "YOU SAID BABY! YOU SAID BABY!!" Only to soon after lose my peg for screaming the word baby out when trying to claim my peg mwahaha oooo well ;)

Another game that we played was a memory game. I had set up a tray with 15 baby related items sitting on it - everyone had about 30 seconds to look at the tray, and 2 minutes to write down as many items as they could remember... the one who remembered most, was the winner :)

everybody madly trying to remember all 15 items...

Carol was the winner of this game - I think she remembered about 11 of the items (not sure - cant remember! hehehehe)

And the last game of the day was one that I had organised... the "What flavour is THAT" game :) I had everybody in the room close their eyes, and gave them a spoonful of jarred baby food... they had to guess what the flavour was, without seeing the colour... just being spoonfed a mouthful. There were 5 different flavours...
1. carrots, parsnip + sweet potato
2. chicken and vegetable
3. banana custard
4. peas, broccoli + potato
5. fruit gel

This game was absolutely HILARIOUS! I swear I nearly WET myself when I gave my mum the first taste test - the look on her face - the pure horror - I couldnt stop laughing - which had everyone else in the room shivering in their boots, knowing that they soon were NEXT!

Evil me loving every minute of this game - look at the faces around the table! hehe!


We followed up that nasty tasting experience with some yummy baby-cake that my mum made! Isnt it awesome?? The inside was plain vanilla sponge, which mum had marbled with blue + pink jelly! Mmmmmm yum!!

Part 2 to come...
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