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[05 Jun 2005|02:27pm]
[ mood | giddy ]

William had his 8 week check up last Thursday... wow where has the time gone??!!

Anyways, my little man has been doing some growing!

At his last, 5 week check up, his stats were:
Weight - 6145g (13lbs 8oz)
Length - 56cm
Head Circumference - 40.8cms

and in 3 weeks time its gone up to :
Weight - 6975g (15lbs 6oz)
Length - 60cm
Head circ. - 42cm

Wow huh?! Hes had himself quite the growth spurt! And seeing as over the last 2 weeks hes been quite unsettled, it kinda makes sense... We had been told a number of times by the nurse that at around 6 weeks of age babies tend to hit a peak in their crying, which coincides with a growth spurt that they go through - so i guess that was it!

Over the last week hes been a lot happier thank goodness - but i have a feeling it will be shortlived as this Tuesday he gets his vaccinations... I am DREADING this! The poor little thing gets 4 injections - 2 in each thigh... :( Its gonna kill me to see him go through that - of course they always give you the option to NOT watch, but no - Im gonna be strong + be there with him through it *sigh*

Other than that we are getting SO many smiles now - ahh its heart melting stuff! He has the SWEETEST little smiley face! ooH oooh! ANNNND the other day he had his first little chuckle! I was holding him up in front of a mirror + he was looking at his reflection + smiling away + poking his tongue out all excitedly - and he CHUCKLED! HE DID! :)

So proud of my little boy :)

I told ya it was heart-melting!! ;)
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[14 Apr 2005|07:25pm]

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful
Beautiful boy
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[01 Apr 2005|03:09pm]
[ mood | excited ]

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[20 Mar 2005|02:29pm]
[ mood | excited ]

I hope this bub doesnt keep me waiting any longer than its due date... im far too impatient!!! I just wanna meet this little bundle soo bad!

Oh + yes, those are stretchmarks - charming part of pregnancy - kinda looks like bubs has been trying to scratch its way outta there...

silly baby!

Feeling tired + achy these days... and gimmie chocolate and ill be your best friend for life! Ooo and ice cream! Mmmm! My lips are so cracked and dry + sore...

but wow, feeling little limbs roll around inside your tum-tum... playing tag with them... falling more and more in love with this little being in my belly...

there is nothing... nothing in the world quite like this...

*so blessed*

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[02 Mar 2005|12:56pm]
[ mood | excited ]

Taken last week...

My little one is getting bigger!! :)

Lilypie Baby Days

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[25 Feb 2005|03:45pm]
[ mood | amused ]

Sunday 20th Feb
Baby Shower Day!Collapse )
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[16 Feb 2005|08:42am]
[ mood | excited ]

I know, I know... its been SOOOO long since Ive updated this thing!
Ive just been so exhausted most days after work - Ive hardly used the computer at ALL - and when I do, Ive been a lurker - keeping up with all my friends entries + message boards - but rarely posting or noting etc...
Its as though theres been a big puffy cloud floating in my head honestly! But but but! Im now officially on leave from work!! YAAAAY!

My last day was on Friday. Much to my surprise, i had not one party thrown for me, but TWO! One by my department (clinical assistants) and one by the ward I was working on that day, which has always been my favourite ward to work on in the hospital. I honestly wasnt expecting anything... and especially not from my department, as theyve never done anything for anyone who has left before - even people that have worked there for 20+ years!

So I find out early in the day that there is *something* going on... that i must be downstairs in the tearoom at 1pm... So I head down there and theres this big sign hanging over the door on purple paper saying something along the lines of "Congratulations Esther! All the best from all of us!" - So mouth ajar I enter the room and its COVERED in streamers and balloons - and the table has been completely covered in all SORTS of yummies! Lots of homemade goodies too - I just couldnt get over all the effort that they had all gone too! For me!? Next thing they bring out this great big present for me and one of those oversized cards which everyone had signed... I was in SHOCK i tell you! They had all chipped in and gotten me a really groovy nappy bag, and filled it with all sorts of baby goodies! A cute little outfit, baby bath, baby lotion, cream, diaper bags, bottle, teets, a cute little rabbit teether plush - and even a nice body wash pack for ME! :) Took a couple pics with my phone, but theyre probably cruddy - I have no idea how to upload them yet as its a newish phone + darnit i didnt have my camera with me... there was a gal taking pics though + shes gonna email them to me so Ill post some when she does...

About half an hour into the party I had to leave, so it was a little rushed - didnt get to try half of the cakes + sweets i wanted to hehe! But I had to leave cause the ward was throwing a party for me - so onto party no. 2! Another table covered in all sorts of yummy food... we all sat around and talked baby for a bit - i got yet ANOTHER pressie - a gorgeous little yellow winters outfit, with bib, duckie socks + beanie... a wondersuit + more baby lotions + potions + wipes etc etc - I tell ya this is one spoiled baby already! We only recently picked up our set of drawers for the nursery, and have already filled the top drawer with clothes - and a smaller drawer with all the wipes + bits n pieces! And seeing as Im having the baby shower on Sunday, no doubt there will be even MORE things to squeeze in there! Oh well I suppose its a good thing as they grow so fast + go through so many clothes (and nappies unfortunately hehe!) so having a bit of a stockpile aint so bad ;)

So right now Im 33weeks, 1day along... 7 weeks to go until the due date, but only 4 weeks to go until the baby is considered "full term". My mum + even Robs mum are convinced that Im going to go earlier than the due date for some reason - I guess cause all the way through Ive been told that I have a "big" baby... which doesnt necessarily mean its gonna make its debut early - but I guess we are all just excited + anxious to meet this lil bundle - and were all impatient :)

Bubs has been moving around alot - feeling the movements a lot more now I geuss cause its gotten bigger + has less space to float around in - so its banging around a lot more - but its such a great feeling :) I missed out on a lot of the earlier movements cause apparantly the placenta is anterior (facing the front of my stomach, rather than being posterior) and therefore a lot of the movements were cushioned/dulled... it also gets the hiccups a few times a day which is a very strange feeling! Especially seeing as the baby is in the "head down" position, well lets just say its weird hehe!

So yeah the baby shower is this Sunday - so hopefully that should be fun :) Sadly theres quite a few not able to make it, whihc has been disappointing - It seems as though I chose a bad weekend - but how was I to know that the John Farnham/Tom Jones concert was on + would *make* a difference? lol! So its just gonna be a small gathering from the sounds of things... hopefully people wont be bored + I wont feel like too much of a loser... *sigh*

My Dad + Carol are coming down today to stay for about a week - so that will be really good. I havnt seen them in such a long time - since before Christmas, so im really looking forward to having them here to keep me company + catch up etc...

Well thats about all for now - here are a few pics of the nursery bits n pieces and a belly pic taken hmmm probably over 3 weeks ago now...

Nursery sweetnessCollapse )
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[19 Dec 2004|03:42pm]
[ mood | thirsty ]

(taken 11th December - 24 weeks 4 days)

Thought it was about time I updated... So Im almost 25 weeks now, which is amazing! I cant believe Im already more than halfway through... only 15 weeks to go - wow! Time has been flying lately - I guess with all the busy-ness of Christmas shopping/planning etc etc to keep my mind occupied...

The last few weeks Ive been getting really tired again + those pesky headaches have returned, which trust me, aint fun. Ive also started to experience a bit of nausea lately which is weird - I thought that was supposed to happen in earlier months? I guess this little bub is just trying to keep me on my toes + remind me that its *there* (like Id EVER forget!)

I had my monthly appointment with the Obstetrician on Friday... everything seems to be going really well - he said that hes really happy with the way the baby is growing - but then went on to say "i think this is gonna be a BIG baby!" Hmmmm not sure what to think about that! hehe! I mean, Im much happier hearing that the baby is big + growing healthy + strong etc than hearing that it seems to be small - but erm, please dont be TOO big sweetie! Poor mummy has to get you OUT of there yanno!!! hehe! Both Rob and I were big babies when we were born... and Rob is like 6'3 now - so I guess that all has some kinda impact...
This month Ive gained 1.5 kilos (3lbs) which is apparantly in the normal range - unlike last months gain of 4 kilos (8lbs) Sooooooooo thats a total weight gain of 5.5 kilos (12lbs) in 25 weeks pregnancy - which aint too bad at all really - although i FEEL like Ive gained an absolute truckload! Even though I know im preggers + weight gain is expected etc etc its such a mix of feelings stepping on the scales and seeing the numbers that I see... its quite scary really - but yes yes i have a good excuse yadda yadda - I just hope Im able to lose it withou too much trouble once the baby arrives... *Sigh*

Ive got to go and get my glucose test done in 2 weeks... to test if I have gestational diabetes... apparantly i have to fast from the night before... have my blood sugar level tested (via a prick to the finger) drink this horrid sugar drink.... wait around for 2 hours then have my blood tested again to see how my body is regulating the sugar intake... sounds like a blast!

In other news.. the baby is moving around more often - sometimes sending my entire belly bolting in different directions which is quite funny to watch, and even stranger to feel! But it seems to come in waves... there will be like, 3 days in a row of a lot of movement etc, then a few days with hardly anything! I just adore feeling those tumbles + bumps going on in there - so I cant wait for it to become a constant feeling... I HOPE that it does...

Weve done a lot of work setting up the nursery last month too - its all looking gorgeous + I cant help but wander in there now + gaze around in awe... There is a NURSERY in our house! eek! Its all kinda surreal + ever so exciting... I just cant wait to meet our baby... come on April!!!

Ohh something else exciting... Ive finally worked out when I will be leaving work... February 14th will be my first day of leave, and you can bet your cotton socks that Im counting down to THAT date! (8 weeks to go!!)

Today Rob and I have spent the day grocery shopping + getting all our christmas baking ingredients - Ive been in the kitchen making up white chocolate truffles + soon will get started on a Chocolate Raspberry ice-cream cake... Ive had the Chrissie carols going in the background to get into the spirit of things (much to Robs annoyance! hehe! He hates carols!!!)

Anyways thats all from me for now :)

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[06 Dec 2004|06:16pm]
[ mood | curious ]

Seeing as Im not a paid-up LJ-er, it appears that I cant do a poll...

But - Im curious darnit!

What do you guys think our baby's gender will be?

Comment away! :) PLEASE!

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[27 Nov 2004|08:01pm]
So we had our ultrasound done like, 2 weeks ago now - Im so incredibly slack!! Ive been meaning to write about it the whole time since but ahhhh time flies ;)

I made a post on a message board about it so im pretty much just gonna copy + paste that here now...

This US was a lot longer than the last one we had at 12 weeks... (I was 19w 3d on Friday when I had the scan done...) and wow it was just so amazing to see how much our little Thumper had grown! (Thumper being my latest nickie for "it" cause calling it "it" is just wrong hehe) I also took my Mum along with us to see the scan, as its really nice having her involved in the whole process + she just loved being there... I think she was just in complete awe the entire time - But I guess so was Rob + I!!!

Thumper was being a tad uncooperative towards the scanner + kept rolling over + hiding all the parts the scanner-lady was wanting to look at - It was quite funny to watch, and just great to see it being so active this time round... It took her forever to get us a good pic of his/her profile, as every time she tried, he/she would cross its arms across its face, as if it were hiding! lol it was hilarious! Eventually he/she gave us a good peek at its sweet little face, at one stage staring directly at us for a few seconds or more...

Also when she was trying to count its toes, Thumper had his/her feet crossed, with one laying over the other - really kicking back in there + relaxing by the looks! hehe!!! She said we have a very stubborn baby - but a lovely little baby ;)

Hmmm what else... heartrate was 152bpm, Thumper now measures 21cms from head to toe annnnnd thats about all!!

Read more...Collapse )

Had my doctors appointment last week... Apparantly Ive gained 4 kilos in the last month - which is just HUGE! Its double the normal amount to gain in a month when preggers so eeeek! I take some comfort in the fact though that I hadnt gained anything before this - so being nearly 5 months pregnant + only gained 4 kilos aint so bad... A friend at work is only 14 weeks preggers + has already gained 3 kilos... Everyone is different I guess - Im sure in the end it all pretty much evens out :)

The report from our ultraound gave us a new due date - the 30th March. I got all excited thinking that we were gonna get to meet our little bubs a week earlier than thought - but the doctor spoiled my fun + said they go by the first date... which was April 5th.
I guess we just have a nice big healthy little babe in there!!! All measurements are slightly bigger than average at this point.... The womb/fundal length measurement is 26cms - and apparantly that measurement is supposed to be somewhat the same as your weeks... and I was only 21 at that time so hmmm Biiiig Baby or further along than thought?

We will find out soon i guess!!!!

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Crazy dream... [20 Oct 2004|09:10am]
[ mood | silly ]

I had the weirdest dream last night!

I dreamt that I was having a baby shower, and there were a bunch of people there. One lady had stuffed her bag full of the food scraps + our cutlery + got all mad at me when I wanted to take the bag into the kitchen and wash the cutlery... I later realised that she was wanting to steal our cutlery (god knows what she wanted to do with the food scraps lol!)

Anyways everyone ended up getting pissed at me because I was being incredibly moody + they all stormed out... I ran to the door and screamed at them "AND MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU TOO!!!"


Then my dog, Hillie (who died 4 years or so ago...) went chasing one of the meanies down the street trying to bite them!

I love pregnant dreams! Theyre so vivid and NUTTY!

I'll have to try and remember to write about more of them...


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[17 Oct 2004|09:49am]
[ mood | excited ]

Well as kibinki pointed out, its been such a long time in between entries in here!!
No real explanation, just the same old really - a mixture of tiredness + the famous *preggie-brain* syndrome (which is lack of concentration + saying silly silly things + just being downright forgetful + unorganised!)

Well today I am 15 weeks and 5 days pregnant, and according to my little lilypie counter on my userinfo page, means that there is only 170 days to go! It really is so weird, how it can seem as though time is flying by at lightning speeds, and going at a snails pace - at the same time! hehe!

Just reading in my Pregnancy Journal (a great book my sister bought for me when she learnt of my pregnancy - awwws!) that "this was a week of rapid, whole-body growth for your baby. Existing structures became larger and more well-developed, but no new structures were formed. The chances are good that this weeks growth spurt for your baby also resulted in a growth spurt for you".


"As your baby grows larger and stronger, it becomes more and more likely that youll actually begin to feel it move. At first, the baby feels like a butterfly fluttering in your abdomen. The very earliest movements are reported around this time during pregnancy (Weeks 14 or 15). MOre likely, you will feel your baby move at the same time as the majority of women do: sometime around Week 18, 19, or 20."

So... just on that first little paragraph - I think that I may have had a bit of a growth spurt this week. Although to be hoenst I personally dont really see too much of a tummy when I look at it (to me it just looks like the original chubby belly that Ive been lugging around for years! hehe!) But this week 2 people commented at work that I have a little belly now - and this was both on the same day too hehe! I finally got around to updating my "baby bump chart" image on my user info page, and took a new picture yesterday - and I can definately see a difference between this picture and the last picture, taken at 10 weeks. Mainly just that I kinda look more "rounded" and the little curve/indentation where my belly button is has smoothed out - do u guys see what i mean?? (go look! go look!) So hmmm maybeeee!

On the second point... well! I could swear that last week, I felt some flutters! Quite different from gas bubbles + gurgles, it was a definite flutter, and as it happened as soon as I had changed position from lying on my back, to lying on my side - it makes me think even more, that what I felt was indeed the first little flutters of bubsie moving about in there! It was only faint, so I mean I wasnt really convinced 100% at the time - but in the following week - theyve kinda become a bit stronger + obvious, and again - completely different to normal tummy bubbles + gurgles! The other day i felt a bit of a thump in fact! I mean, it wasnt hard + strong, dont get me wrong, but compared to the normal sensations you have in your tummy, this was, well - different! Ive been feeling more with each day that follows - this is SO exciting! Im surprised that Im feeling it so soon, they say that often with a first pregnancy it is more common to feel it later on, BUT its usually because youre not able to determine the difference in the goings on in there until it is quite obvious + strong...

So who knows :) Im enjoying the thought that I am in fact feeling the baby doing little somersaults in there from time to time - and it just makes me look forward to the day that I DO feel the prominent kicks, even more!

Yesterday I went shopping and bought my first maternity top :) A lot of my clothes are tight fitting, and I just cannot stand the feeling of them being so tight against my tummy anymore (and well, yes they are feeling tighter than normal too hehe!) and I also have 2 tops that I bought off of ebay by GAP which are nice, although they wont be worn till further along - theyre huge! hehe!! This new top is quite plain and nice - Ill have to snap a pic I guess hehe I also bought a new bra, which is a maternity bra (so weird not having underwire in a bra!) and woo a little peekaboo action lol! So so weeeeird! I still cant quite believe that Im having to buy this stuff... when will it sink in I wonder?

In other baby news - Michelle, who is my Dads gf's daughter, had a baby girl on the 15th October :) They named her Aliah Katelyn - sister to twins Tiarna + Kagan. She was born via a c-section, and unfortunately Michelle is having some problems, shes been put into the ICU with concerns on her heart - so thats a bit of a worry... Im not real sure on all the details at this point, but no doubt I will be informed... Aliah is doing well though... (here is a pic!!)

cute huh? ;)

Its so great to be so clucky, and know that its only, 170 days to go until I meet my own little bundle of bub! hehe!!!
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[26 Sep 2004|01:26pm]
Hi all!!

Well guess what? I had my 12 week ultrasound last Thursday and and and - theres a baby in my belly!!!!!

hehe!! I had been so nervous + anxious about this US... I had worked myself up for it so much + almost prepared myself for the worst... and then, there it was

I actually got completely emotional at the sight of our little bub and was fighting back the tears - wow, what an amazing experience...

Rob came along with me of course, + we both stared in complete fascination as the ultrasound technician dude pointed out all the bits + pieces we were seeing + how they were all developing wonderfully - the two halves of the brain, the spine, the arms + legs, the bladder, the stomach... it was incredible!

I didnt really expect it to be quite so human-like at this stage - but all the parts were pretty easily distinguishable... Sadly, he only printed out one picture for us to keep - but I havnt been able to STOP looking at it since hehe!

So we were also shown the little heart fluttering away + got to listen to it... The guy said it was going at 75bpm - But later I realised that wasnt very fast - I think he must have meant or said 175 - that would be more realistic, right? Anyways, he was happy with how everything was looking etc...

The thing that really amazed me was, that he was able to show us that there was liquid in the bladder of bub - meaning the kidneys are functioning well - and that there was also liquid in the stomach, meaning that the bub is swallowing well etc - I'm like, holy cow! Its only 6cms long from crown to rump, and yet it has all these teeny tiny little organs that are working away - it just blew my mind!

Bub was sleeping almost the entire duration of the US... the guy got me to roll over a few times - from side to side to "knock it out of bed" so we could see it wriggle around etc... I had to roll over so many times before the little tyke would wake up!! hehe!! But when it did it was so funny to watch it move around...

I'll never ever forget it...

I cant WAIT for the next US now + to actually feel bub moving... ahhh Im just o cloud nine right now - what an amazing thing pregnancy is... *sigh*

Baby Morrow's first photoCollapse )
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[31 Aug 2004|07:13pm]
[ mood | giddy ]

Ahh well the day finally came! Today was my first appointment with my obstetrician - the person who will deliver our baby :)

I kinda feel as though arriving at this day, we have passed a little milestone in this journey - well its definately the first of many, but it definately is a good feeling to know that we are taking steps forward + things are beginning to happen!

So I took the day off work today to go to this appointment - I told Rob not to worry about coming along with me - as much as he wants to be there + be at all my appointments to come - I knew that today wouldnt be worth it for him, as it was just going to be a consultation - a brief chat + perhaps some blood tests done... definately not worth losing a days pay - Especially when there are going to be many more important appointments that he will have to lose a days pay to attend in the future - so reluctantly, he agreed...

So I asked my Mum if she would come along with me, as I still did want someone to be there with me, just in case I forgot to ask any questions - or to remind me of any information I was given if it was a big information overload! And also just because it was nice to have some company + to have Mum involved in the whole process too :) She told me later that she was really happy that she came along as it felt good to be involved = awww! <3!

So we went in, he asked me a few questions - took my weight (ew!!!) had a feel around my tum-tum - had a listen with the stethoscope... checked my blood pressure + that was it really! It was so short and brief, much faster than I even expected... but I guess at this early stage there isnt really all that much to say/do...

He gave me referral's to get a tonne of blood/urine tests done and a referral for my 12 week ultrasound (yay!)... told me to call the midwives at the hospital + book myself in... and told me to see him again in 4 weeks time. That was it. $95 thankyou very much - what an easy $95 dollars earned huh? We get $30 back on Medicare, but still - just a tad steep wouldnt you say? Good business this baby stuff!

So an overall YAY! The doc said everything felt normal etc... I came home and made the call to the hospital to book myself in - which I thought was going to be something that was done over the phone - but The midwife gave me an appointment to come in + fill out some paperwork + told me that I would also be getting a tour of the hospital while there + most likely get booked in for ante-natal classes too!

So the hospital tour should be fun... I'm looking forward to that! Suss out these birthing suites that everybody is telling me about... sounds lovely! So thats happening next Tuesday night, the 7th of September - my next date to look forward to!
This month my calendar is packed full! I can see why people say the 9 months will fly... You barely get a chance to notice! hehe!

Oh, today also marked the 9 week mark - Happy 9 weeks little one! ;)

What is happening in week 9?
- The baby begins to grow rapidly from this point
- The baby's head now makes up more than half its length
- fingernails, toenails and hair follicles appear
- The baby will assume an upright position
- The baby measure between 1 inch and 1.22 inches in length - this will double by the end of this week
- The uterus is now the size of a small grapefruit
- The baby's skin thickens and becomes less transparent
- The coloured portion of the eye (the iris) develops and the eyelids meet + temporarily fuse shut
- The sexual organs begin to develop in females, and in males are already distinguishable

Such a busy little bee I have in there! I find all this so completely fascinating... sorry if its boring those of you reading this hehe!

Im feeling so much more positive + optimistic now... its a nice feeling :)


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All Clear :) [18 Aug 2004|07:12pm]
[ mood | optimistic ]

Well as most of you already know, my "concerns" that I mentioned in that last entry, have been reassured + calmed... but my gosh what a horrid week it was...

I seem to swing to extremes... I can either be an incredibly patient person, or an incredibly impatient person - and that particular week - I was definately the latter - My patience was tested + stretched far beyond its limits. Waiting waiting waiting... and waiting for results that could either be wonderful, or devastating... It was an excrutiating wait.

Somebody told me that those fears that I went to was like a little "preparation" drill for parenthood! Im told that you often feel just as "on edge" and paranoid once the little bundle is here, which - I guess I can probably imagine being the case! Wow, what a ride we are in for!!!

So anyways... here is the story of that eventful week...

Sunday night, I discovered some spotting. Now, this sent me into an instant panic - as the sight of blood, no matter how light during pregnancy - is definately something you do NOT want to see + something that I was completely unprepared for. The fact that, since I had been pregnant I had experienced cramping - which I had researched + found that this was completely normal - just the feeling of having all your bits n' pieces stretching + preparing itself to house the little bundle of joy - but what i ALSO had read, was that cramping was not something to be concerned about - unless it was paired with spotting


So, straight to the clinic we went... the tears refused to hold themselves back + I almost had to chew my entire bottom lip off to keep myself from completely losing it right there in the waiting room. I couldnt even look at Rob whislt sitting there, as I jsut knew that I wouldnt be able to hold the emotions back + as it was, the snotty chick at the desk was giving me odd looks :(

So we saw the doctor + explained the situation. He told us that if we wanted to, that we could have an ultrasound done to see what was causing it, but that he didnt think it was anything to be too concerned with at this point. Well, I opted to get the scan done. I honestly dont think I could have managed not knowing what was going on inside any longer than I already had - So he gave me a referral letter + I organised an appointment at the hospital for the next day.

I took the day off work to get an appointment as early as I could... I knew I wouldnt be much use at work with my mind in a completely different space + just wanted to know what the "go" was asap.

So I go in for the ultrasound... which I had + then I also had an internal ultrasound... mmmm yup hehe! Actually, it wasnt as awkward + uncomfie as I would have thought - although perhaps I was just numb with fear?! SO anyways the guy soing the scan was really nice + explained what everything was... he found where the bleeding was coming from + showed us on the screen. He told us that it was only a small haemorrage + that they were quite common in early stages of pregnancy + quite often completely unexplainable. He told us not to be concerned about it - and I finally began to breathe again...

So he looks around some more - we see the "Sac" and the "yolk sac" which is all good signs... He then informs us that he cannot find a heartbeat.

I once again stop breathing.

He can only detect my heartbeat. He took some measurements of it all + said that by his measurements, he thinks that I am only about 5 weeks + 6 days along. This did not surprise me at all - Its what i thought I was from the beginning. The doctors however, work it out from the first day of your last menstrual cycle... So they had originally estimated that I was almost 8 weeks along - when i was infact, only almost 6.

Anyways the doctor/scan guy told us that just because he couldnt detect the heartbeat, didnt necessarily mean that there wasnt one, just that it was probably too faint to hear at this point.

He recommended that I get some blood tests done during the week to check that my HCG levels were rising. If they are not rising - that is a big sign of miscarriage... So I was still pretty concerned :(

So in the meantime, once back home I did some reading online etc + found that the heartbeat usually isnt detected until about 7 weeks - So I started to relax somewhat again. But man, hearing that there is no heartbeat? Scary stuff!

So next is the blood tests. The results of this blood test take 24 hours to come back. MORE waiting. So I had my first test... went back the next day - the results were 18,000. The doctor was unable to tell me if this was a good level to be at at this point, as he said all pregnancies differ greatly etc... so I still had to wait again until the results of my next blood test.

They came in at 27,000.


This is good news :) The doctor was actually surprised that it had risen that much, so I guess thats a good thing!! (I thought to myself, woo! Im breeding a mutant! hehe! Finally a sense of humour crept back...)

So wow. What a week it was... Thank GOD the results were positive. Thank you so much to those of you who did send their good vibes + thoughts our way - maybe it helped, maybe it didnt - But just knowing that there was this little support network backing us up, hoping + crossing their fingers + toes tightly + concerned right along with us... Made us feel oh so very blessed + thankful :)

Maybe it might seem as though I was overreacting... perhaps I was. But the results could have just as easily been bad... These first 3 months are always risky + perhaps I was a bit premature in announcing the news - perhaps I should have waiting until we were out of this *risk period* - who knows. But i just couldnt ;) We were both far too happy + excited to keep it to ourselves - Spread the Sunshine + all of that, right? :)

I know that when there was a bit of a question mark hanging over it all though, I really regretted having announced it so publicly... I just wanted to creep into a dark corner somewhere + hide. I wasnt sure how on earth I would deal with a bad result personally - let alone publicly... The first 2 entries written - were made private. I could feel myself withdrawing from people... But in the end I realised that if any group of people could help + support me through such a thing, it was you guys. It was quite difficult for me to make those first 2 entries public again, before knowing what was going on... I felt so vulnerable having all my excitement + happiness out there... But strangely felt better having finally put it out there... The loneliness seemed to fade somewhat :)

Well thats enough of the deep + heavies!!! Im 7 weeks + 2 days now :) Feeling GREAT! No morning sickness to speak of - aint I a lucky ducky? No more spotting + very little cramping :) Only 2 weeks till I have my first appointment with my Obstetrician - time is finally beginning to move a little faster...

Bring it ON!

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[10 Aug 2004|05:33pm]
[ mood | scared ]

had a few little concerns over the weekend...

keep your fingers tightly crossed + send some positive vibes our way



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