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I know, I know... its been SOOOO long since Ive updated this thing!
Ive just been so exhausted most days after work - Ive hardly used the computer at ALL - and when I do, Ive been a lurker - keeping up with all my friends entries + message boards - but rarely posting or noting etc...
Its as though theres been a big puffy cloud floating in my head honestly! But but but! Im now officially on leave from work!! YAAAAY!

My last day was on Friday. Much to my surprise, i had not one party thrown for me, but TWO! One by my department (clinical assistants) and one by the ward I was working on that day, which has always been my favourite ward to work on in the hospital. I honestly wasnt expecting anything... and especially not from my department, as theyve never done anything for anyone who has left before - even people that have worked there for 20+ years!

So I find out early in the day that there is *something* going on... that i must be downstairs in the tearoom at 1pm... So I head down there and theres this big sign hanging over the door on purple paper saying something along the lines of "Congratulations Esther! All the best from all of us!" - So mouth ajar I enter the room and its COVERED in streamers and balloons - and the table has been completely covered in all SORTS of yummies! Lots of homemade goodies too - I just couldnt get over all the effort that they had all gone too! For me!? Next thing they bring out this great big present for me and one of those oversized cards which everyone had signed... I was in SHOCK i tell you! They had all chipped in and gotten me a really groovy nappy bag, and filled it with all sorts of baby goodies! A cute little outfit, baby bath, baby lotion, cream, diaper bags, bottle, teets, a cute little rabbit teether plush - and even a nice body wash pack for ME! :) Took a couple pics with my phone, but theyre probably cruddy - I have no idea how to upload them yet as its a newish phone + darnit i didnt have my camera with me... there was a gal taking pics though + shes gonna email them to me so Ill post some when she does...

About half an hour into the party I had to leave, so it was a little rushed - didnt get to try half of the cakes + sweets i wanted to hehe! But I had to leave cause the ward was throwing a party for me - so onto party no. 2! Another table covered in all sorts of yummy food... we all sat around and talked baby for a bit - i got yet ANOTHER pressie - a gorgeous little yellow winters outfit, with bib, duckie socks + beanie... a wondersuit + more baby lotions + potions + wipes etc etc - I tell ya this is one spoiled baby already! We only recently picked up our set of drawers for the nursery, and have already filled the top drawer with clothes - and a smaller drawer with all the wipes + bits n pieces! And seeing as Im having the baby shower on Sunday, no doubt there will be even MORE things to squeeze in there! Oh well I suppose its a good thing as they grow so fast + go through so many clothes (and nappies unfortunately hehe!) so having a bit of a stockpile aint so bad ;)

So right now Im 33weeks, 1day along... 7 weeks to go until the due date, but only 4 weeks to go until the baby is considered "full term". My mum + even Robs mum are convinced that Im going to go earlier than the due date for some reason - I guess cause all the way through Ive been told that I have a "big" baby... which doesnt necessarily mean its gonna make its debut early - but I guess we are all just excited + anxious to meet this lil bundle - and were all impatient :)

Bubs has been moving around alot - feeling the movements a lot more now I geuss cause its gotten bigger + has less space to float around in - so its banging around a lot more - but its such a great feeling :) I missed out on a lot of the earlier movements cause apparantly the placenta is anterior (facing the front of my stomach, rather than being posterior) and therefore a lot of the movements were cushioned/dulled... it also gets the hiccups a few times a day which is a very strange feeling! Especially seeing as the baby is in the "head down" position, well lets just say its weird hehe!

So yeah the baby shower is this Sunday - so hopefully that should be fun :) Sadly theres quite a few not able to make it, whihc has been disappointing - It seems as though I chose a bad weekend - but how was I to know that the John Farnham/Tom Jones concert was on + would *make* a difference? lol! So its just gonna be a small gathering from the sounds of things... hopefully people wont be bored + I wont feel like too much of a loser... *sigh*

My Dad + Carol are coming down today to stay for about a week - so that will be really good. I havnt seen them in such a long time - since before Christmas, so im really looking forward to having them here to keep me company + catch up etc...

Well thats about all for now - here are a few pics of the nursery bits n pieces and a belly pic taken hmmm probably over 3 weeks ago now...

^ The cot with the gorgeous barnyard quilt that I fell in love with - all ready and waiting!

^ Drawers/changetable with the cards from work + the essential rubber duckies!

^ Our Bertini jogger pram that Mum bought... its sooo smooth + easy to move! Cant wait to jazz it up a bit tho..

^ ME! About 30 weeks here... ick just ignore my dirty bathroom mirror!

--thanks heaps Neets for hosting these pesky pics!--
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