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My cute-a-roo little nephew Bradley + his adorable little chubba cheeks! :)

Some posed pics taken at my baby shower...

Me, Karen (robs sis) + Bradley, doing the whole posing thing...

Me + my sis Melissa - being sillies!

More silliness!!

Poor mumsie getting squashed between 2 silly-heads!

And now for some of the posed pics that Carol took while she was down...

teehee - salem kept crawling onto my lap ;)

And some pics of my little niece Ashton - shes grown soooo much since I last saw her!!

and a slightly older pic - but too cute not to share :)

Annnnnnnnd - my sis Kristelle is once again expecting!! Shes due at the end of September... We are planning a trip back to Tasmania in November for my Nans 80th birthday, so we will get to meet the new bubs (and show off our own!) then - cant wait!!!

babies babies everywhere!!

(where the hell is mine?! GET OUT DAMNIT!!)

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