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My cute-a-roo little nephew Bradley + his adorable little chubba cheeks! :)

Some posed pics taken at my baby shower...

Me, Karen (robs sis) + Bradley, doing the whole posing thing...

Me + my sis Melissa - being sillies!

More silliness!!

Poor mumsie getting squashed between 2 silly-heads!

And now for some of the posed pics that Carol took while she was down...

teehee - salem kept crawling onto my lap ;)

And some pics of my little niece Ashton - shes grown soooo much since I last saw her!!

and a slightly older pic - but too cute not to share :)

Annnnnnnnd - my sis Kristelle is once again expecting!! Shes due at the end of September... We are planning a trip back to Tasmania in November for my Nans 80th birthday, so we will get to meet the new bubs (and show off our own!) then - cant wait!!!

babies babies everywhere!!

(where the hell is mine?! GET OUT DAMNIT!!)

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w o w w o w w o w!!!!!!!! :) the one with you and the kitty... precious!
hehehehe. baby fever!!!
The ones carol took of you & rob are amazing...just gorgeous. you'll be so glad to have those i bet!
come out little baby so everyone can meet you!!!
Oh my god.

It's as if heaven dropped the perfect picture
surprises tonight. SO many people spoiling their
LJ friends with piccies, it's almost too much to
bear. eyes are burning out of my head by
the beauty I see before me. boo01 & feb7 belong
on a musem wall somewhere...or at least on MY
wall, because they are true works of art.

boo01 looks like a perfect painting. oh my.
& feb7...well, your aura is like smoke lifting
from your body & floating up to the sky. You
glow, even when cloaked in darkness.

The pics from your baby shower of you in pink,
ESPECIALLY the amazing one of you, your mama
& your sis: perfection. Such a pretty in pink
sweetie are you!

Rob looks so handsome & you both look SO ready!

Ashton is one adorable little tot & Bradley's
cheeks are so kissable!!! You have cute little
tykes all around you!

I love you Ess! Waiting on that baby'o'yours!
So um, yeah, Nita's heaven dropping picture surprises sums it up.
Those pics of you in the sweet pink maternity top? You're like,
Candyland, on legs. This is a cruel fantasy [especially at this
point when the wait is the absolute most unbearable] but I wish
you'd stay pregnant forever! This era of you will always hold
the same power & excitement as the '96 era Drew with the black
licorice locks or the little-prince days of '95! Yes you will
only continue to flourish physically and emotionally with the
experience of motherhood and grow continually more beautiful
every day... just like Drew does.... but this time... these
memories.... THESE PICTURES - will be like the miu mius
& the foreign gold for Esther fans.

Ashton & Bradley are a duo belonging in Anne Geddes products!
My goodness how good looks run in your bloodline & hotty Rob's
too! It's no doubt Flutter's gonna be off the charts adorable
what with relatives galore of all ages so insanely attractive!

And I swear to you I could write a note a mile long about every
single one of Carol's photographs. EVERY ONE OF 'EM.

Nothing in this world's more easy or exciting to look at than a
pregnant princess such as yourself. Not even babies! The pregnant
form tops even THEM because you ARE seeing a baby when you're
looking at a big ripe, round belly! And SO much more.... love
in action - the deepest possible bond there is in the universe.
And when the girl who's pregnant as naturally so stunning to
begin with.... it can only be said that you're seeing the best
pictures there are.

It's making me almost shake with anticipation at what other
precious pals will look like when they're expecting... when
already they're so fucking perfect.

Fuck, Ess. Feb7 & boo1. Instantly they made my eyes grow hot
& watery.... the same thing occurs with each look I steal. The
expression on your face in feb7 captures everything your are....
an angel.

You're an angel, Ess. A real live angel.

And look.... Hunny.... tummy twins!!!!!

P.S. May I please, when you have a moment, have feb7 as big
as you're willing to part with it? I just.... it shatters my heart
into a thousand pieces Ess. I NEED it! :)
I just have to pop in here and say I thought the same THING about the tummy twins bit!
in order to avoid leaving a novel, i'm allowing myself ONE sentence.

you have such a beautiful face the picture of you, baby, and cat is friggin adorable and so is your face in the one where you're holding a teddy bear and feb7 looks the most angelic ive ever seen a photo look.

whew. i made it. :)
ohhhhhhh my!!!!

it can't be too long now.. no not at all :)

i wonder how you're containing it all [ummm, not just the wee one... ]

agh! the excitement of this. yours is SUCH a sweet face... rounded belly - nothing more perfect. soo wonderful.

:) [at work- sorry sho short :( ]

just checked the time line--- and 3 days??

THREE DAYS?????!!!????

wow. this is too much!!! ;)
just studying/comparing our tummies and...... doesn't it look like you're kinda carrying yours differently hunny?
i can't remember now what they say... that girls appear to sit lower in the abdomen or higher in the upper region
of the belly or vice versa, but despite our twin tums it definitely looks like your belly's more, like, peach-shaped,
than pear shaped. or something. am i imagining this? wonder if it means you've got yourself a little girl in there???
:) :) :) aaaah! ess!!!!! who knows!!! it's just off-the-charts exciting to know that within a week or so a brand new
person with your DNA will have entered the world!!!!
awwhh thats so cute!!
i love them jeans!